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“Chelsea ruin my prediction” “I won’t gamble against them anymore” – Arsenal legend swallow his pride after predicting Chelsea will lose against Villa

“Chelsea ruins my forecast,” The great of Arsenal swallowed his pride and said, “I won’t gamble anymore” after picking Chelsea to lose versus Villa.


After Chelsea made a joke out of his prediction for their FA Cup fourth-round replay match against Aston Villa, Paul Merson has come out and swallowed the bitter pill.


The legendary player for Arsenal had predicted that Villa would defeat the Blues on Wednesday night in order to advance to the FA Cup fifth round.


Before the match at Villa Park, he tweeted for Sky Sports: “It was bad against Liverpool but it got worse against Wolves.” With all due respect to Wolves, Chelsea cannot afford to lose 4-2 at home.


“On Wednesday night, I don’t even think Chelsea has a chance. That isn’t possible. As a Chelsea supporter, when was the last time I ever said that?


“The opposing squad would have no chance against Chelsea just a few years ago. They would win that game, and everyone would be shocked.


Merson’s forecast, however, proved to be incorrect as Chelsea defeated Villa 3-1 to eliminate them from the competition. As a result, the commentator has since apologised for his remarks in a post-match statement on X.


What a result, Chelsea,” he wrote on Thursday on his Instagram. I never saw that coming at all, which is why I’ve stopped gambling.


Many have called Chelsea’s performance versus Villa their best thus far this season; we can only hope they maintain that level of intensity and competition for the remainder of the season.

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