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“He needs to improve his gameplay and Start performing in training in other to be selected in the first XI or he will keep warming the Bench- Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola issues warning message to Manchester City FLOP player

According to Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, Jack Grealish isn’t playing because of his form.


Additionally, the management has cautioned that it will be difficult for the midfield player to return to the starting lineup.


Julian and Phil won’t play if Jack and Jeremy don’t play. Guardiola stated on the City website, “It is what it is.”


“We require it. It’s better now. Oscar Bobb is one of our players who, although not playing in the most recent game, has had an incredible impact.


“It’s crucial because each game lasts ninety, ninety-five, or ninety-seven minutes, and we have players who can come off the bench and set the pace.


“Recall that Kevin [De Bruyne] was on the bench when he returned and he helped us win the game.”


It will occur in a lot of games. Everyone intends to participate in the game.


“Jack is taking action to reach his peak performance. He is only competing against players that are currently performing at an extremely high level.


“He needs to return to his previous level, particularly for the entire Villa season. I am excited to provide him with minutes.


“He’s improving, but this season wasn’t like the last one.” That is our desired outcome.


“I’m always happy with all of my guys, including Jack.


It’s not a major issue at all. the exact opposite. All he’s doing right now is working towards becoming his best.


“We require him and all of us.” Jack is essential to us. I can’t wait for him to perform at his peak again and to have minutes.”today’s featured video:



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