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Premier League Club has been Relegated from Top 4 of the premier League table this evening After breaching Financial Play Rules and the will be Banned if found more charges. Their season is already over in November! Not even half of the season 😱 First Everton got punished and now another harsh punishment! 😱

Everton’s recent penalty, along with their looming relegation threat, has reverberated across the Premier League.


After being docked ten points due to financial fair play violations, Everton now finds themselves in a precarious 19th place position, having only accumulated four points.


Despite Everton’s plans to contest the penalty, the severity of their punishment has stirred worry among Manchester City and Chelsea, both of whom are also under investigation for financial improprieties.


Manchester City is facing scrutiny over potential breaches, while Chelsea’s former owner’s financial dealings are under examination.


The severity of Everton’s punishment has sparked speculation that if similar infractions are found with Manchester City and Chelsea, it could have relegation ramifications, highlighting the gravity of financial compliance in English football.

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