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Former Chelsea Player Cesc Fabregas has been spotted in Stamford Bridge training ground this week ahead of stunning managerial return!

Following an hour-and-a-half of conversation, Cesc Fabregas disclosed his reason for visiting Chelsea’s training facility last week and expressed shock at Mauricio Pochettino’s abrupt exit.

Just 11 months after signing, the Argentine manager departed the west London club on Tuesday night with “mutual consent.” The Blues are currently searching for a new manager.

Chelsea finished the season with five straight wins to guarantee a spot in Europe. They also advanced to the Carabao Cup final and the FA Cup semi-final after a challenging campaign.

While his remarks destroyed supporters’ notions that he would be in the running for manager, Como manager Fabregas said there was no sign during his visit to Cobham on Friday that Pochettino’s term was set to end.

On Wednesday, Fabregas stated on BBC Sounds’ Planet Premier League podcast, “It’s tough sometimes to accept or give an opinion when you are not there to observe what happened.” “Look, I was there in real life.” Strangely enough, I spent the weekend in London.

I got along well with Mauricio, to start with. He always seemed like such a great guy, a gentleman, to me when we played against them.

“So I felt like they were winning four straight games, and that was Friday [that he visited], two days before the season ended, so it was a nice, good, and laid-back atmosphere around the training field for the final game of the season.”

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