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“Madrid were f00lish for selling a player like him, they sold him for just a token of £17M and now he has become one of the best player in the world and he’s at the top of his game right now”- Barcelona legend Puyol says player Madrid sold for cheap FEE in 2019 is now an absolute world class and has turned into a machine that can win Ballon d’ior

In a recent news conference, Barcelona veteran Carles Puyol was blunt about Real Madrid’s intention to trade Sergio Ramos in 2019. Puyol, known for his impassioned and intelligent opinion on football, expressed surprise at the modest transfer cost and emphasized Ramos’ present world-class reputation.

“Madrid were crazy to sell a player like him,” Puyol declared strongly. “They sold him for £17 million, and now he’s one of the finest players in the world. “He’s on top of his game right now.”

Puyol’s views come at a time when Sergio Ramos is receiving global praise for his outstanding performances. Since leaving Real Madrid, Ramos has emerged as a powerful force on the pitch, gaining plaudits for his leadership, defensive skill, and adaptability. From Madrid to his present team, he has achieved great things, confirming his position as one of football’s finest.

“Ramos is an incredible world-class talent who has transformed into a machine,” Puyol added. “He has the potential to win the Ballon d’or.”

Forwards and midfielders have historically dominated the Ballon d’Or, presented yearly to the world’s finest footballer. However, Ramos’ steady performances and vital contributions in crucial games have fueled speculation regarding his potential for the prized honor. Puyol’s support lends credibility to this story, considering his own brilliant career and awareness of what it takes to be a top-tier player.

Ramos’s effect extends beyond individual achievements; his presence has transformed his squad. His defensive abilities, paired with his ability to score key goals, have contributed significantly to his team’s success. Puyol’s appreciation emphasizes Ramos’ extensive skill recognition and the astonishing progression of his career after Madrid.

Many consider Real Madrid’s decision to trade Ramos for £17 million to be a big error. At the time, the decision elicited mixed comments, but few could have expected Ramos’ success. Puyol’s comments reflect a larger feeling in the football community, accepting the error while appreciating Ramos’ remarkable ascension.

As talks about prospective Ballon d’Or winners continue, Ramos’ name is sure to come up frequently. His rise from a highly rated defender at Real Madrid to a global football hero displays perseverance, tenacity, and exceptional talent. Puyol’s analysis not only celebrates Ramos’ accomplishments, but also serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and frequently surprising nature of football careers.

Finally, Carles Puyol’s comments on Sergio Ramos’ career trajectory tell a gripping story of squandered opportunities and exceptional skill. Ramos’ transition into a world-class player and possible Ballon d’Or winner is a tribute to his hard work and natural talent, establishing a standard for defenders throughout the world.

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