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Coming from UEFA this morning VERY SAD NEWS has been announced for Manchester United after winning the FA cup against Manchester City, Manchester United will not Play UEFA Europa League next season

Following their FA Cup victory against Manchester City, Manchester United has received VERY SAD news from UEFA this morning: they will not be participating in the UEFA Europa League the following season.

This eliminated Newcastle from European play completely and dropped Chelsea from the Europa League to the Conference League.

But Man Utd may soon be playing in the third division of European football with the Blues.

Nice is a French band, and Ineos, owned by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is the reason for that.

The team qualified for the Europa League this season by placing fifth in the French premier division.

However, given that Ratcliffe and company now possess a 27.7% share in Manchester United, the Old Trafford team may face issues as a result of Uefa’s multi-club ownership regulations.

L’Equipe claims that Ineos has a proposal to invest an additional £245 million in infrastructure projects, increasing their shareholding to more than 30%.

Relegating one of the teams to the Conference League and violating ownership regulations would result from Ineos exceeding this threshold.
No person “may concurrently be involved, either directly or indirectly, in any capacity whatsoever in the management, administration and/or sports performance of more than one club competing in a UEFA club tournament,” according to Article 5.01 b. of the UEFA regulations.

Man United’s expulsion from European football would have resulted from this.

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