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Premier League club facing 15-point deduction punishment before the start of next season. This is going to be a record punishment! 😳

Leicester City is in danger of receiving a 15-point deduction next season due to issues with Profit and Sustainability (PSR) compliance, which could significantly affect the club’s future.


After securing promotion by winning the Championship under Enzo Maresca’s management, the Foxes are now facing a major challenge.


Despite their recent triumph, the club’s financial health is precarious, following their relegation from the Premier League just over a year ago.


According to The Telegraph, penalties for breaching PSR regulations could vary between six and fifteen points.


While a 15-point deduction is improbable, a 10-point penalty would be an unprecedented event in the Premier League. Earlier this year, Leicester revealed losses nearing £90 million, highlighting their financial difficulties.


Charged in March for PSR rule violations covering the three-year period ending in the 2022-2023 season, Leicester might need to generate substantial revenue by June to avoid further infractions, constraining their summer transfer budget.


The league has a history of imposing such penalties: last season, Everton and Nottingham Forest faced eight and four-point deductions, respectively, for similar breaches.


A severe points deduction would hinder Leicester’s efforts to regain a stable position in the Premier League.


Adding to their woes, manager Enzo Maresca is in discussions with Chelsea about a potential managerial role. Sky Sports reports that Leicester has allowed Chelsea to enter negotiations with Maresca, and the talks are progressing well for Chelsea.


If Maresca departs, Leicester would encounter a major setback, needing to recruit a new manager capable of guiding the team through a difficult Premier League season, especially under the threat of a points deduction.

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