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I just think if I was in his position I could have left the Club’: Jamie Carragher has a new theory behind why £150k-a-week star is hardly playing for Man City

The reason why Kalvin Phillips might not be playing for Manchester City as frequently as he ought to has been proposed by Jamie Carragher.

This season, the midfielder has once again struggled to get any playing time.

The 27-year-old has consistently been passed over by Pep Guardiola.

Rodri has played holding midfield for the majority of the games thus far.

Because the Spaniard is a top-notch operator, Phillips finds it extremely challenging to enter the side.

However, Rodri recently completed a three-game suspension, and Pep only started Phillips once.

Carragher discussed Phillips on The Overlap and offered a suggestion as to why the manager might not like him.

According to Jamie Carragher, Kalvin Phillips might not be projecting his personality at Manchester City enough.
Some have said that Phillips is insufficiently talented to play for City.

that he cannot function at this level.

Carragher, though, does not think that there is a skill issue.

He believes Phillips could just not be projecting his personality sufficiently.

“I just believe if I were in that position and a manager wasn’t picking me, I believe I’d be treating training like a game,” he remarked. nearly everyday. Not that he (trains well), mind you. When training, we all give our all.

“He needs to make sure he is in the manager’s face, whatever it is. At Liverpool, there were times when I felt as though a new player was taking my spot every season. Every day I’d be thinking, “I’ve got to be better than him,” like a lunatic.

“My point is, make sure you stand out every day, whether it’s with your voice, by being loud, by leaving a tackle in, or by approaching the manager and saying, “OK, I don’t understand the position, explain it to me.”

Competing against Rodri was always going to be difficult for Phillips.
It’s likely that Phillips, who is rumored to be leaving the team in January, hasn’t had enough of an impact at City.

Nevertheless, he would always have a difficult time competing with Rodri.

Group F of the UEFA Champions League 2023/24 features Newcastle United FC vs. Paris Saint-Germain.

He is the engine that drives the squad, and we have seen what happens when he leaves the group.

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