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VERY SAD Christopher Nkunku News has been announced this evening on why he was not among the Chelsea Squad for the FA Clash

With 20 appearances this season, Cole Palmer’s assist was his 15th goal involvement. How impressed are you with his adjustment?

Very well impressed. He may have moved in on the final day of the transfer window, and his performance after the six-month break was amazing. We are overjoyed. I’m a little let down by him today because he missed a great opportunity. Since he is still young, he still has room for improvement both on and off the pitch. He still has a lot of things to learn, but I believe he is making great progress and will make a great player for us. I am really happy with him.

To what extent did Armando Broja’s goal today, in Nicolas Jackson’s absence, matter?

Although I have to be honest, I believe he should use this kind of game to get better even though it’s incredibly necessary for him. He needs to step up, go forward, smile more, and be more optimistic in order to develop not only in his physical fitness but also in his work ethic. We are discussing a young striker with one of the greatest potentials in England or Europe, and his potential is incredible. We will endeavour to assist him in realising that hard effort and perseverance are necessary, and he must push himself in this direction.

He needs time since, incidentally, he had a serious injury almost a year ago. He finds it difficult to perform or to function at the standard we demand. We have high expectations of him, we will push him, and we truly need him.

Gets hard on oneself?

My proficiency in English is lacking. I told him to grin because you’re winning when you go out there. It’s a point, so interpret it positively rather than negatively. We always make jokes about how he has to laugh or grin to feel better about himself and be happier.

After being out for the first part of the season, how difficult is it to bring players like Broja, Nkunku, and Lavia back into shape?

I appreciate your question today. It’s incredibly difficult; I believe you understand. The conditions are quite difficult right from the start of the season. With Broja, Nkunku, and Lavia, it is true. It can be challenging at times to both translate for our supporters and to explain things to you. We don’t want to put any pressure on Nkunku when we discuss his case. We are aware that it is challenging after a protracted injury. It’s always hard to wait six months. He wasn’t involved right now since, following practice yesterday, he experienced a hip issue. We need to find out if he will be able to play in the upcoming games. That’s the issue.

They require time, but in order to perform at their best, they must play as well. We are unable to give players that must participate in the tournament this game time since we must prevail. We have to win because we are in Chelsea. It can be very difficult at times to explain things to players who are under pressure to play and perform. They wish to support the group. It can be hard to describe at times, but everyone who knows football knows how hard it is.

Again, another excellent free kick from Raheem Sterling. Have you worked on it with him?

After the game, I told him, “David Beckham is shaking,” because he was going to steal the record from David. You can practise that quality all day, every day, but the next step is to take a test and get a score. We practise, to be honest, but it’s not much practise for him. That’s his characteristic. both against Newcastle and today. I cannot recall whatever game it was that had such a great score. It concerns one’s ability to believe.

If it were announced that Jordan Henderson intended to rejoin the Premier League, would you be up for the challenge?

Honestly, we didn’t discuss names. We are not currently discussing bringing players. Here in the manager’s office with Paul and Laurence, I spotted Behdad. We will be in the training ground tomorrow, so I believe we will talk. We didn’t discuss positions or names; we didn’t discuss bringing in players. We are currently concentrating on guys like Andrey Santos to determine our course of action.

What level of injuries are en route to Middlesbrough?

Even if Chukwuemeka, Badiashile, and Chilwell are quite close to us, we still need to witness the progress every day. Next, the question is whether we can get better, because they’re so near. Taking a chance is always crucial, as is observing the players’ performance during training. When they arrive for the session, every player feels prepared. When questioned, they claim to “know myself,” although 99.9% of the time they are mistaken. They lack self-awareness. It is a good idea, in our opinion, to check if they are available.

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