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“I don’t know what he has against us he is always full of himself ” – Chelsea star Enzo Fernandez claims Argentina teammate always gets overconfident when facing the Blues

When facing Chelsea, Emiliano Martinez is overconfident, according to Enzo Fernandez. Next week, in the fourth round of the FA Cup, the two Argentines will face off when Chelsea welcome Aston Villa to Stamford Bridge.

While Fernandez thinks the former Arsenal custodian is a little too “cocky,” he is excited to face him in the FA Cup, according to an ESPN interview. According to him, the attitude is usually like this whenever Martinez plays Chelsea:

The star midfielder also discussed the regulation modification that prevented goalkeepers from scaring their opponents in penalty shootouts (as reported by GOAL in 2023:

I didn’t read it very closely, but I thought I saw something regarding the rule change. I don’t care if it’s true or not; it’s just a piece of football legend in my book. And it’s true that Dibu is so unpleasant that you’d want to kill him if he were your enemy.Dude, he’s truly insane. Heh, it’s worse if you’re holding it against yourself. What he does seems very normal to me, but I can see why people in other regions of the globe could find it offensive.
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Emiliano Martinez had nothing but love for Enzo Fernandez of Chelsea.
In an interview with TyC Sports last year, Emiliano Martinez gushed about Enzo Fernandez.

In an interview with Albiceleste Talk, he praised the Chelsea player, saying that his maturity and performance were crucial to Argentina’s 2022 FIFA World Cup victory.:

“Enzo is so daring!” As if he had played 350 games for his country, he made it to the World Cup after only one friendly.He sent the ball sailing into the corner and then fired a bicycle. Both as a player and a person, he took me by surprise. After a masterful middle ground, Paredes, De Paul, and Gio Lo Celso were unbeatable. Oh my!

As a team, Fernandez has struggled to find their rhythm this season at Stamford Bridge. They were in 12th place last year and are in 9th place so far this season after 21 games.

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