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Manchester United has been banned from the UEFA Europa League after violating double Club rules 💔.

UEFA decides whether to exclude Manchester United and Manchester City from the Europa League and UCL.

According to the UK Times, UEFA has approved Manchester United and Manchester City to participate in the same European competitions as their sister clubs this season.

On Monday, the Club Financial Control Board (CFCB) of UEFA is anticipated to make the decision; nevertheless, there will be restrictions.

At present, the regulations mandate that teams cannot participate in the same tournament as a club that shares ownership with another team.

Nice, a Ligue 1 team that qualified for the Europa League this season, and Manchester United, in which he also holds a minority part, are both owned by Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

Girona, a member of the City Football Group, qualified for the Champions League alongside Manchester City by finishing third in La Liga this season.

However, if Nice and Girona are run through a “blind trust,” UEFA will allow both Manchester teams to compete in Europe next season with their sister clubs.

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